Having worked every major catastrophe in the past 32 years, Pilot has proven to be an industry leader due to its extensive capabilities and services offered.

Since the company's inception, Pilot has conserved the capital and human resources necessary to conduct business nationwide. Managing a large volume of claim activity for multiple events is made possible with a dedicated force of experienced adjusters who are ready for deployment at any time.

In addition, Pilot works with Catastrophe Management Solutions (CMS) to provide 24-hour assistance through customer service representatives, claims processors and administrative support staff.


Client Services

Pilot provides the industry with a competent, disciplined staff to handle claims arising from catastrophic events while offering professionalism, quality and advanced technology in a cost-effective manner.

Services are individually-tailored to meet each clients’ needs. Pilot’s extensive history has proved that we have the financial resources, logistical capabilities and administrative management skills for a prolonged operation. Since Pilots inception in 1983, we have been directly involved in every major disaster in the United States.


  • Residential & Commercial Property Claims Management
  • Inside Claims Operations
  • Auto Claims Management
  • Flood Claims
  • Environmental Claims Services
  • Coastal & Inland Marine Claims
  • Customized Administrative Capabilities
  • Casualty
  • General Liability
  • Auto Liability
  • Non-Catastrophe Claim Handling
  • Ladder Assist
  • Other special services available upon request

Pilot remains an industry-leader in the insurance adjusting field because of its technical resources and experienced team of professionals. State-of-the-art computer systems allow Pilot to provide clients timely information, resulting in better disaster management. A computerized property estimating system was developed to provide standardized claim packages to Pilots clients, with computer training centers in Mobile, AL, and Dallas, TX, to provide support for the property and auto estimating programs.

Highly-trained adjusters are in the field within 24 hours of the loss, including on-site managers and supervisors to assist with hands-on experience to professionally manage and coordinate all facets of the operation.


Adjuster Services

Insurance adjusting is a challenging profession.

The job may require travel to areas of devastation where compassion for the insured's personal losses must be equal to the ability to accurately estimate the value of the losses. Careful assessment of applicants' skills and background ensures that Pilot adjusters demonstrate an unsurpassed level of knowledge, adjusting skills, work ethic and the ability to provide unmatched customer service.

Qualified Pilot adjusters have access to:

  • Professional Development—hands-on, site damage assessment & estimating software training
  • Compliance Department—personalized assistance in meeting client certifications and state licensing requirements
  • Training & Technical Support—interactive online communications capabilities
  • Benefits—a 401(k) Retirement Plan & a Flexible Spending Account (Cafeteria) Plan

Upon deployment, Pilot adjusters are equipped with management and administrative support systems that facilitate the ability to get in place and on the job within 24 to 36 hours.

While on assignment, Pilot adjusters have 24-hour telephone access to field and home office management.