What is the "Evaluation Program"?
The Evaluation Program takes place at our Mobile and Dallas facilities. It lasts up to 10 days, depending on your experience, and assesses your ability to scope a claim, previous knowledge in the property adjusting field and experience with claims handling software.

Upon completion of your evaluation you will be given a rating, which will directly affect your chance for deployment.


What happens in the Evaluation Program?
Similar activities that would be done when handling an actual claim, including:

  • Measuring rooms and roofs
  • Calculating replacement quantities
  • Handwriting an estimate
  • Typing documentation
  • Meeting with the Insured
  • Answering coverage issues using the Insured's policy as reference

Individual performance is reviewed with a Pilot representative and Human Resources.


I am an experienced adjuster. Why should I have to go through this program?
You will receive a rating upon completion of the evaluation. This rating is used to determine when you will be called for deployment. The higher the rating, the sooner you will be called.


Do I need an adjuster's license to attend the program?
No, but you must have a license in order to be deployed. If your home state requires a residence license, you must have this as well. The more licenses you acquire, the more deployment opportunities you will have.


What is the fee for the program? How often is it offered?
There is no fee for the program, although you are responsible for your travel expenses. The program is held on an "as-needed" basis.


How do I get into the program?
Complete a Pilot application online. Once submitted, a Human Resources representative will review your application and contact you, if you fit the requirements.


May I bring my spouse?


How soon after attending the Evaluation Program can I expect to be deployed?
You may be called immediately or you may be waiting 6 months to a year before your services are needed. This is dependent on:

  • The rating you receive after the evaluation - the higher the rating, the higher your chances of being deployed
  • Storm activity at the time